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Automatic Drain Valve with 12V Heater

Automatic Drain Valve with 12V Heater.
Top Mount.
Cable Looped on Both Ends.
Heated 12 Volt, 5 AMP.
Approximate Weight 1 lbs 4.5 oz.

  • Automatic Drain Valve: Yes
  • Cable Length: 10"
  • OEM Part Number: 284412
  • All Ports: 3/8-18 NPT - Threaded

May also Work as a Replacement for Part: 53808, 101662, 102834, 104293, 104529, 106144, 106666, 113616, 284412, 285518, 350239, 716198, 2105322, 5000502, 10130577, 76053649, 90876219, 1096800610, 6814320107, 122410B, 20QE3350, 20WE19323P2, 25W0615, 284412N, 34487251P, 36Q295, 871074C91, 999440C91, AE769135, D2HZ2A131A, D9HS2A131B, E0HZ2A131B, E5HT2A131DA, G072SP18, G716198, GAFP103754, GTA-284412, KN24001, KN24001X, P103754, RKN24001, SD970, SK901691.

Here is how the valve works:

With no air pressure in the system, the inlet and exhaust valves are closed. Upon charging the system, a slight pressure opens the inlet valve which permits air and contaminants to collect in the sump.
The inlet valve remains open when pressure is ascending in the system until maximum (governor cut‑out) pressure is reached.

The spring action of the valve guide in the sump cavity closes the inlet valve.  The inlet valve and the exhaust valve are now closed.
When reservoir pressure drops slightly (approximately 2 PSI), air pressure in the sump cavity opens the exhaust valve and allows moisture and contaminants
to be ejected from the sump cavity until pressure in the sump cavity drops sufficiently to close the exhaust valve.
The length of time the exhaust valve remains open and the amount of moisture and contaminants ejected depends
upon the sump pressure and the reservoir pressure drop that occurs each time air is used from the system.


An Overview of our BAP284412 Automatic Drain Valve with 12V Heater:



prop65 100WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov (CA Health and Safety Code Section 25249.6).

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Saturday, 30 January 2021

Works perfect and removes water from the air tank system automatically

Chris Andrews

Tuesday, 05 January 2021

very good


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