An Assessment of Commercial Big Rig Trucks


Knowing the fundamental operations of Big Rig Trucks...

Against the backdrop of the fact that commercial big rig trucks play crucial roles towards advancing the progress of business activities and conveyance of heavy-loaded freight from one place to another, the big rig trucks are very valuable and a force to be reckoned with in the transportation of goods and materials.

An Overview of Commercial Big Rig Trucks


Getting familiar with the characteristics of Big Rigs

Given the fact that commercial big rig trucks are heavy trucks that are larger than the standard pickup seen on the road, there is a need to have a general overview of commercial big rig trucks with the aim of understanding its nature, features, and characteristics.

Super Singles: Safety Analysis and Cost Benefit


On America’s roadways the iconic 18-wheeler big rig is a familiar sight. Look closely and you may notice something new – some semi truck fleets are implementing wide base tires “Super Singles” in the place of the traditional dual wheel configuration. Industry engineers claim the Super Singles offer a multitude of benefits, including; increased fuel efficiency, improved surface traction, and a significant weight reduction per axle. However, many professional drivers, the men and women with actual on road experience, remain skeptical of the wide base tire concept. The debate concerning Super Singles is ongoing, but improvements wide base tire design and longevity show Super Singles have a promising future in the United States.

Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel and Fuel Lubricity Concerns


Operators know maintaining proper lubrication of the fuel system is vital to lengthening the service life of their Big Rigs. Improper fuel system lubrication will lead to increased wear and eventual failure of fuel pumps, injectors, and other fuel distribution components. Current federal mandates require all highway diesel fuel to contain lower sulfur content than the previously available fuel. This newly required fuel blend, known as Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), is a result of government initiatives to reduce highway emissions and atmospheric pollutants.

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