Automatic Air Brake Slack Adjuster

Air supply pressure gauge:

An air supply pressure gauge connected to the air tank is common in all air-braked vehicles. In the event a vehicle has a dual air brake system, a gauge will be present at each half of the system or, sometimes, a single gauge with two needles. These gauges tell you how much pressure is in the air tanks. However, there are instances where dual systems are present, it will be discussed later in the article.

Application pressure gauge:

Very common in Big Rigs; an Application pressure gauge shows how much air pressure you are applying to the brakes. However, some vehicles do not have this gauge. It is important to have because when the vehicle is going down steep grades, at this moment increasing brake pressure to hold the same speed would mean the brakes would be fading. Therefore, the need for increased pressure can also be caused by brakes out of adjustment, air leaks, or mechanical problems, hence giving clear indication in this regard.

Wabco/Meritor 1200 Style Air Dryer with In-Line Check Valve and Pigtail

The ever present and distinctive sizzle of air from a big rig as it comes to a halt, is that of air brakes. This article intends to take a comprehensive look on the air brakes in Big Rigs, whether you own a Peterbilt, Freightliner, Kenworth, Volvo, International, Mack, Western Star. Have you ever wondered: why do Big-Rigs use air brakes? How come that Big Rigs don’t use hydraulic brakes like passenger vehicles?

Let’s dig under the hood and find out.

Kingsley Coach Big Rig Motorhome

A Kingsley Coach Big Rig Conversion Article by Bruce Rayner.

A Kingsley Coach to be exact. Ever seen one on the road? You can tell it by all the heads turning to watch it go by. Built along the lines of a Prevost, this was Kingsley's first entry into the truck conversion motorhome market. The LeeAnn Rimes coach made Kingsley famous for their custom truck conversions for touring rock stars.

The Values of Commercial Big Rig Truck Mechanics

Appraising the roles and values of Big Rig Truck Mechanics…

Against the backdrop of the fact that commercial big rig trucks are often used to convey industrial heavy freight from one place to another and do generally spend most days on the roads, there is a need to for every commercial big rig truck to have a stable mechanic in case of breakdown or malfunction.

However, it has been established that virtually all modern big rig trucks are indispensable to diesel engines due to the current state of commercial and industrial operations. As a result, the presence of a vast mechanics is needed so as to enhance all-time smooth operation and services of the commercial big rig truck.

Appraising the Operations of Commercial Big Rig Trucks


Enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of commercial big rig trucks

There is no gainsaying that commercial big rig trucks are fundamental tools that enhance the smooth workings and operations of producing companies. In the same vein, commercial big rig trucks are instruments of necessity in promoting businesses and transportation of heavy freight from one place to another. In the light of the foregoing, this piece takes a closer appraisal of the operations of commercial big rig trucks with the aim of identifying the ways through which its effectiveness and efficiency can be enhanced knowing full well that they are the livewire of big and multi-faceted companies.

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